New Polzeath

Polzeath is a popular seaside resort located on the north coast of Cornwall, England. It is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning views, and excellent surfing conditions. However, there’s more to Polzeath than just its main beach. Just a short distance along the coast lies New Polzeath, a charming and quieter alternative.

New Polzeath overlooks the sea and offers breathtaking views across Polzeath. The main beach can be reached by road within 5 minutes or less at low tide if walking. The main beach and its shops and bars are busier during the summer months, but New Polzeath has its own beach which is accessible at high tide via a public footpath. It’s the perfect spot for swimming and relaxing away from the crowds of the main beach. Plus, it has its own Waterfront Café Bar for refreshments.

One of the things that make New Polzeath special is that it has retained much of its original charm. To the west and north of New Polzeath lies Pentireglaze, which is owned by the National Trust and protected from development. This has helped to preserve the natural beauty of the area and keep New Polzeath a tranquil haven for visitors and locals alike.

Overall, Polzeath and New Polzeath offer visitors a chance to experience the best of Cornwall’s seaside beauty. Whether you prefer the excitement of the main beach or the tranquility of New Polzeath, both locations offer something unique and special.