Cornwall’s Eden Project

Cornwall’s Eden Project

The Eden Project

The Eden Project is one of Cornwall’s most famous landmarks, welcoming over a million visitors each year.

Life on Earth is dependant upon the plants that surround us. Eden is a gateway into this world exploring and educating visitors on issues regarding the environment and conservation.

Set at the bottom of a china clay pit in an area that extends to over 30 football pitches, the Eden Project is an amazing and unique place to explore. The huge crater at Boldeva has been completely transformed. It’s now home to two giant, shining biomes that you’d expect to see in space rather than in Cornwall!

Inside the Biomes

Each biome contains a different biosphere for you to explore with a range of plants that would flourish in their native habitats. The first is the humid and steamy tropical biome which is home to the largest indoor rainforest in the world. The second is the warm temperate climate biome which has thousands of species of plants from South Africa, America, and the Mediterranean.

Highlights of the tropical biome include its treetop walkway, biodiversity platform, and Weather Maker. High above the rainforest canopy, the walkway offers visitors breathtaking views across the forest. Interactive displays also help to explain how important rainforests are to our world. The biodiversity platform is high above the ground and offers a view into how plants eat, drink and reproduce. Finally, the Weather Maker will immerse you in a journey of discovery with a wobbly rope bridge and an interactive exhibit where you can shelter from tropical rainstorms.

Outside the Biomes

Although the biomes are the Eden Project’s main attraction, you’ll find a lot to see and do outside of these fascinating structures. Plants aren’t just limited to inside their biomes. Within the grounds and surrounding the biomes are a series of landscaped gardens. They include species of plants from a little closer to home including a Wild Cornwall section.

The Core

The Core is the Eden Project’s main education centre. The building has been beautifully designed and resembles a sunflower. Inside the Core are a variety of educational and most important of all, fun interactive exhibits. The newest exhibit is their Invisible Worlds exhibition which explores how life and the environment are entwined in their existence. Also within the Core is a soft play centre for children and the Core Cafe which offers light lunches, cakes and drinks.

The Link

The Link is a grass-roofed building that serves as the entrance to both of Edens’ biomes. Within the Link, you’ll also find the Eden Kitchen which sells a range of delicious food. Furthermore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free products are all available and freshly prepared.

Visitor Centre

The Visitor centre is at the main entrance to the Eden Project. It is home to the main shop and the Eden Coffee House. The shop sells a whole range of plants and goods whilst the coffee house sells sandwiches, soups, cakes and of course coffee.

Outdoor Activities

In recent years Cornwall’s Eden Project has added a number of special activities to keep all ages happy. These include England’s longest and fastest zip wire which is 660 metres long and travels at speeds of up to 60mph, bungee drop, giant gravity swing, climbing wall, 25m ‘free fall’ jump on to an airbag and SkyTrek aerial trekking course.

Eden Project Events

Although famous for its environmental importance and learning, the Eden Project is not just a visitor attraction. It has earned itself a solid reputation as a concert venue and has been host to some of the best musical acts and bands from around the world. With the biomes as a backdrop to the concerts, music events at the Eden Project are simply fantastic.

Some of the UK’s most successful and important bands and Grammy award-winning artists have played at Eden. Gary Barlow, Madness, Kylie Minogue, Liam Gallagher, and the Stereophonics but to name a few.

The Eden Project also caters for local communities, with a variety of seasonal events for all ages. At Christmas, there is an ice rink for ice-skating whilst at other times of the year, there are art courses, workshops and much more on offer.

Eden Project Tickets

Eden Project tickets come with a variety of options. Firstly there are standard tickets that you can buy when you arrive at Eden. Secondly, you can by an Advanced Ticket online before attending and finally an Advanced Annual Pass.

Standard Tickets are full price and can be bought on arrival. Tickets prices are £28.50 for adults, £26 for over 60’s, £23.50 for students, £75 for a family of 4, £15 for children aged 5-16 and it’s free for those under 4.

Advanced Tickets can be bought online prior to attending and give you a 10% discount for planning ahead. Prices are £26 for adults, £24 for over 60’s, £21.50 for students, £67 for a family of 4, £13.50 for children aged 5-16 and it’s free for those under 4.